In Defense Of Those ******* Scooters

  The internet has spoken and it hates electric scooter rentals. The non-internet, however, seems to be in conflict with it’s more image conscious self. It appears that when people aren’t posting videos of how badass they are for kicking them over they are, in-fact, riding them. Some municipalities have straight up banned them, while … Continue reading In Defense Of Those ******* Scooters

E-Com, And Why You Maybe Shouldn’t

Small brick and mortar retailers are all enchanted by the siren song of e-commerce. Virtually every POS at this point has a native e-com platform that sync's your inventory, solving what was an almost impossible hurdle for non enterprise level businesses just 5-7 years ago. It feels like all you have to do is flip … Continue reading E-Com, And Why You Maybe Shouldn’t